Schools and Kindergartens Involved

The Ministry of Education and High Education of the Palestinian National Authority has no official responsibility over East Jerusalem as it is formally forbidden to operate there, but supervises de facto Jerusalem Awqaf schools.

The schools involved in the two projects implemented by TDH it and its partners are all Awqaf schools, located in east Jerusalem.

The schools involved at different stages are, Salah Al-din, Hassan A-Thani, Dowha, Aitam Jim, Nahda B, Nahda Jim, Fatah Dal, Rawda Hadithe, Aytam Althory, Siraj Alquds, Al Huda, Al Fatah Al Lajia'a C, Al Rawda Al Haditha Al Mukhtalata B, Sheikh Sa'ad Boys, Sheikh Sa'ad Girls.

Throughout its intervention TDH It, has also targeted a number of kindergartens and is currently aiming at supporting the establishment of four new KG classes (Tahmidi classes) within four of the target schools.
The kindergartens involved are, Burj Al-luq luq KG, Arab Women's Union KG, Riyad Al-Aqsa School KG, Siraj Al-Quds KG, Ansar KG, Al-Tifl Al-Muslim KG.