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The co-applicant of the current intervention is Al-Quds University (AQU), a Palestinian university established in 1984, specifically the Child Institute. The AQU, which just opened the first Special Education BA in Palestine from the academic year 2014/2015, will have a crucial role in implementing, together with TDH IT, the Ministry for Education and the Jerusalem Directorate of Education, the educational strategy of the action.

Enabel (Belgian Development Agency) is a partner in the implementation of the project, a synergy aiming at maximizing the impact of the respective actions. The Belgian Development Agency is responsible for the rehabilitation/extension of 12 school buildings which TDH IT is also addressing. The co-action ensures the respect of the inclusive whole-school development approach.

The Ministry of Education and the Jerusalem Directorate of Education of the Palestinian National Authority are direct beneficiary and de facto partners of the project. The Ministry has explicitly adopted an inclusive approach to education since 1997. The proposed intervention was designed in full partnership since the phase of needs assessment, and the Ministry is particularly enthusiastic to partner with TDH IT in East Jerusalem where Awqaf Schools tend to be marginalized.