Tdh-It has developed its intervention in East Jerusalem mainly throughout two EU funded project aiming at supporting the overall development of a better and more inclusive educational system in East Jerusalem. The targeted Awqaf schools cater for the most disadvantaged groups among the Palestinian population in the city, while suffering from poor infrastructures, insufficient supplies and inadequately trained human resources. The intervention also targets out-of-school children in need of educational support and/or protection.

The intervention entails a number of interlinked components:

  •     Training teachers and staff of schools and kindergartens in the target community
  •     Introducing resource professionals for the development of inclusive cultures and practices in the schools
  •     Setting up resource rooms to ensure that each becomes a sustainable educational resource for the whole school community
  •     Organizing inclusive extra-curricular activities with children of the target communities
  •     Providing home/distance educational support for children temporarily excluded from the education System
  •     Raising awareness within the communities and supporting and empowering parents
  •     Facilitating and ensuring a flow of information, tools and best practices from the project to professionals who are not directly involved in the action
  •     Assisting the local implementing partner in capacity building