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TDH IT’s intervention in East Jerusalem schools was made possible through three different EU-funded projects, aiming at supporting the overall development of a quality and more inclusive educational system in East Jerusalem; the current action, titled "Ta’lim Lil’Jami’a: Inclusive Education Intervention for East Jerusalem children" (ENI2019/408-198), started in September 2019 and addresses the needs of 14 Awqaf schools around Jerusalem. 
The targeted schools cater for some of the most disadvantaged groups among the Palestinian population in the city, while suffering from poor infrastructures and insufficient resources. Amongst the project’s many components are:
•    Training teachers and staff of schools and kindergartens in the target communities
•    Supporting schools to develop inclusive cultures and practices
•    Setting-up and equipping resource rooms and inclusive classrooms for the benefit of the whole school community
•    Developing and equipping kindergarten classes
•    Supporting schools in facing the COVID-19 emergency
•    Organizing inclusive educational and extra-curricular activities
•    Implementing audio/speech screening and interventions for the students
•    Facilitating and ensuring a flow of information, tools and best practices from the project to professionals who are not directly involved in the action
•    Facilitating cultural exchanges activities between 2 Palestinian and 1 Italian schools
The intervention is built in partnership with Enabel (the Belgian Development Agency) and the Child Institute/Al Quds University, the project’s co-applicant.